Naxum Statue

Naxville is a Minecraft server owned by a group of friends that have been playing Minecraft long enough to actually want to pay for a real server! Naxville was started nearly two and a half years ago! We have put a lot of time and thought into how to make this a great server and we hope you enjoy playing!
Server Address:

How It Works

Our server is different because we code it ourself using Bukkit. This allows us to do many awesome, crazy things! For example, when you start playing on our server you'll have to defend yourself from being attacked and hide your base from looters, but after you gain 16 iron, you can use our built in /property command to make an area that is protected from others.


The server has a currency system that uses iron, gold, diamonds, and emeralds to buy things, expand property, and more! We even have creative areas that are awarded to excellent builders that allow you to build as if you're playing creative Minecraft!

We also have special events planned like sand castle tournaments, sky diving tournaments, and more! We also are not stingy, if you come to us with a great idea for a crazy awesome statue/design/bomb/cat/whatever, we could provide the materials needed to make it, and even pay you in gold for it!

If any of that sounds cool, join us at!